Hide Your Clutter with Smart Design

Your home’s environment can be easily ruined by excess clutter and unattractive storage solutions. Incorporating clever design tips into your home can be as simple as choosing the right furniture or implementing modern organizing innovations…always with a creative touch. When redesigning a space, it really is best to provide multiple ways to keep the visual accumulation of clutter at bay. We all have “stuff” that needs to find a permanent home and the reality is –  not everyone lives in a show house that dons the cover of  House Beautiful.  However, with some storage-savvy solutions, your home can be on its way to becoming “camera ready”.

elle decor nantucket retreat elle decor white living room built in book shelves striped ottomans

Recessing niches or shelves within the walls of a living room or office provides excellent storage and display options and is ideal for your highlighting your favorite collections and books. Just keep these shelves neat and organized.


It’s easy to take advantage of any space beneath beds or couches by utilizing storage bins or other containers, but you can also hide your clutter in plain sight with good design. Custom built filing cabinets can have a lot of character and look like an integrated part of your home — a far cry from those shabby metal cabinets you see so often!  Furniture that pulls double duty, like a bench that can store spare blankets or a mirror with hooks for displaying your jewelry, can also go a long way.


In this increasingly technological world, the cords that power our varied electronic devices tend to pile up and look terribly disorganized. A desk, entertainment center, or kitchen space with a mess of tangled and crossing wires can be fixed in several ways. For one, many gadgets are going wireless, so consider investing in printers, keyboards, mice, gaming controllers, and cable boxes that require little to no external wiring. With the growing popularity of laptops and tablet computers that boast ever-superior batteries, going cordless is a great option. I would love to integrate clever storage design in your home.  Share your own questions and ideas with me in the comments or on my Facebook page! Stay Inspired! Images via Elle Decor, Better Homes and Garden, House Beautiful