Blog Tour NYC- New Technology from Mr. Steam

Mr-Steam-iSteam-ModelI’ll be on my way to New York City next week to start Modenus’s Blog Tour and I just can’t wait!  There are so many fabulous sponsors that help make this tour possible.  One in particular that I have  worked with several times in the past: Mr. Steam.  Mr. Steam is a luxurious steam shower and accessory manufacturer – always on the cutting edge of technology and offers the finest in spa-like products for the home. Imagine having a shower system that plays music and releases relaxing scents and therapeutic colors with the warm, encompassing steam, and then stepping out to a warm, fresh towel from a towel warmer….Sound like heaven?  We all know the benefits of steam bathing – from clearing respiratory congestion to moisturizing and softening dry skin – Mr. Steam’s state-of -the-art technology and innovation creates a spa-like”experience”  that is second to none.  This is exactly why we’ve specified and installed many Mr. Steam products for our clients over the years in both new construction and Master Bath renovations – and our clients could not be happier! [youtube][/youtube]   Now, Mr. Steam is once again pushing the boundaries of luxury steam shower technology with the new iSteam, a touch panel control system that greatly enhances the experience of the steam shower.  The iSteam panel is simple in its design, recesses flush into the wall and is available in both black and white finishes. It  provides a user-friendly interface that allows you ultimate control over every aspect of your shower, from music to aromatherapy. As an extra option you could include the iGenie which will preheat your steam shower from up to 100 feet away!   [youtube][/youtube]   This new technology is an incredible indicator of Mr. Steam’s ability to stay ahead of the game in the changing face of the world.  Our homes, phones, and lifestyles are becoming “smarter” and more automated and convenient as time passes, and by integrating both smart phone and home automation technology into one easy-to-use panel, Mr. Steam shows initiative in driving this trend.  There’s a reason they’ve been around for more than 50 years, after all.

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Stay tuned for more updates from the #BlogTourNYC, and share your own thoughts about the Mr. Steam showers and the iSteam touch panel in the comments! Stay Inspired!