BlogTour NYC Sponsor- Victoria + Albert Adds Exceptional Luxury to the Bath

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Well the countdown is on. In five days I will be heading to Manhattan for #BlogTourNYC where I will meet and greet the brilliant Veronika Miller,CEO and Founder of Modenus and the creator of BlogTour, along with all the incredible Sponsors who have made this event possible.  Sharing this experience with 13 other design bloggers from around the globe will no doubt leave an indelible mark and I’m truly honored to be among such creative and talented designers and bloggers.  Thank you Veronika!

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As an interior designer I’m constantly on the hunt for new and exciting materials and products that are innovative, strikingly beautiful and take some fresh angles on design. Introducing these unique elements into my design and renovation projects pleases my clients and sets their home apart from the rest. One of the product Sponsors I’m looking forward to meeting and experiencing first hand at the Architectural Digest Home Show is Victoria + Albert, a British Company specializing in creating stunning free standing bathtubs and basins. They will be featuring the Cabrits bath at the show and I’m ready to take it for a test drive. The organic shape of this tub is delightfully modern and its contours are designed for comfort regardless of your height.  A gently sloping bottom supports your body and a swooping, tall headrest area gives you the perfect place to relax your head during a long soak.


Another bathtub I love: the Ravello.  This bath glows with elegance and sophistication.  Its clean lines and gentle sloping symmetry make it a beautiful and unique element to any design style.

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One of the most interesting aspects about the Victoria + Albert baths goes beyond their innovative style. They are fabricated from a material that is unique to them and their brand. It’s called ENGLISHCAST®, and it is made from a combination of resin and volcanic limestone. This unique material allows them to cast their tubs in a single piece, and the final product is stain resistant, extremely strong, and long-lasting.  Its insulating properties make it warm to the touch, and it can even be painted for a customized look.

Victoria Albert

I’m very much looking forward to experiencing these products first hand.  Incorporating one of these spectacular pieces into a bathroom renovation project would be the ultimate in quality and style.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments or on my Facebook page! Stay Inspired!

Images Courtesy of: Modenus,  Victoria + Albert