The design inspiration for this kitchen project was to transform a dark, dated and very dingy space into a bright, spacious and highly functional family-friendly kitchen.

The original kitchen was confined within four walls and our clients were eager to
create a more open floor plan to provide more social interaction between the home chef (mom) and the 4 men in her life.

By removing walls and borrowing a few extra square feet from the adjacent
laundry room we were able to incorporate a 48” refrigerator and range, extra
storage, a central island, increased workspaces and banquette seating into this
modestly sized kitchen.

This project was designed to provide both high function and high style while
optimizing the influx of natural light from the enlarged kitchen windows. We
maximized the space and created an open floor plan that improved traffic flow
between the adjacent rooms.

The custom cabinetry, stainless hood, shelves and backsplash and the
Architectural faucet gives this rather traditional white kitchen a more modern
design sensibility.