We were challenged to create a kitchen design concept drawing on the
DXV portfolio of products and guided by the premise of Reinventing the
Classics, formulating a visual translation of a well-known piece of literature.

Like Water for Chocolate
We designed a creative, emotional kitchen set to capture the mood of Like
Water for Chocolate. We incorporated innovative, unconventional elements
to capture the romance, sadness, and passion of the story. These
components included an exquisite wedding cake made of three sleek,
contemporary DXV Pop vessel sinks strewn with rose petals, chocolate,
and crystals.

Everything is about flowing with our design – the tears, the chocolate, the
water, even a fountain that is fed from atop with the DXV Lyndon tub spout.
Copper colored glazed tiles that reflect the flames from the fireplace and
simple shelves add a warm, inviting feeling to the space.