Our design concept for this 1905 Historic craftsman bungalow in downtown Napa California was to create a highly functional and classically modern kitchen environment that would honor the home’s traditional roots at the same time incorporating fresh design elements that exude a more youthful modern look – an aesthetic that captures the true essence of the young homeowners’ personalities.
What we lacked in square footage we gained in volume. High ceilings can make a small space feel more expansive.

We took advantage of the height in the main kitchen area and designed a
tracery ceiling detail which draws the eye up, creates architectural interest and adds some show-stopping elegance to the space.

It was extremely important to maximize every square inch of space. We increased the opening between the kitchen and hallway by several feet allowing us to include a small 2’x4′ “mobile island” into the long and narrow kitchen space. Adding casters to the piece allows the homeowners tomove it anywhere in the kitchen. It can function as an island, buffet or bar cart – a multi-functional piece that is ideal for any type of entertaining! Proof that small and compact can make a big impact