Add Abstract Art to Your Home With Du Verre Hardware

Du Verre Since returning from New York from the most invigorating 5 days, I can’t help but replay each day’s events in my head all in an attempt to relive every nuance of my #BlogTourNYC adventure.  The most gracious host Veronika Miller of Modenus made certain we were wined, dined and inspired at every turn and aligned this tour with Sponsorships from major design Brands. At our welcome dinner I had the opportunity to sit near one of #BlogTourNYC event sponsors, the most delightful Gina Lubin, CEO and creative director of Du Verre Hardware. During dinner, Gina passed a plate of her contemporary “jewelry” hardware around the tables, where we could see and feel these pieces of art first hand! Perfectly  weighted and intricately detailed these eco-conscious designs would integrate beautifully into both residential and commercial projects alike.


As designers, we are well aware that specifying the ideal hardware is an integral finish detail in the overall success of a design concept. The use of artisan-styled hardware in architectural shapes creates a surprising element that is sure to draw the eye. It’s just like an unique piece of jewelry; it completes the outfit and inspires dozens of compliments from everyone who sees it – and who doesn’t love that? Du Verre is a leader in the industry of unique hardware, working with a variety of talented artisans to bring to life some truly stunning pieces of modern design.  Artisans like William Harvey, Erin Adams, Scot Laughton, and yes…. Gina Lubin play with texture and organic forms to create hardware that is as much art as it is a functional piece of design. William Harvey specializes in simple, organically abstract pieces that play with shapes and defy expectations.  His ARROYO collection, named for a Spanish word that means a water-carved gully, is slender and geometric, evoking the sense of a gully with the use of negative space.


Erin Adams, an award-winning artist and designer, brings her love of mosaic into her OFFSET design.  These cabinet pulls play with varying levels, creating unique shapes in all dimensions.  They are a beautifully modern addition to a home.


Scot Laughlin is world-famous for his industrial designs.  He designed the Series 3 Collection, one of Du Verre’s most popular hardware styles, which is simple and incredibly elegant in design.  The pieces look delicate and sensual, and they could easily fit within a variety of designs.


Gina Lubin may be the CEO and Creative Director of Du Verre, but she too enjoys creating original hardware designs.  Her Rio collection plays with texture and line, and no two pieces are exactly alike.  Rio knobs and pulls remind me of rippling water or intricate rock gardens— gorgeous!


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Which is your favorite piece of hardware from Du Verre?  I’d love to hear your opinions! Stay Inspired!

Images:  Du Verre

Image: Modenus