It’s All in the Details: Adding the Finishing Touches to a Home Design

When planning a major renovation of any space in your home, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and become overwhelmed with the massive changes taking place.  Walls are removed, kitchen’s are gutted and dust is flying….just for starters. Everything old becomes new again – new cabinetry, appliances, floors and furniture are installed – with new colors infused throughout . Yet some of the most important elements of the overall design can be the finishing touches and subtle details that are nestled inside. It’s these details which make a house…..your home!


Once the big changes are made, the final touches and details provides the room with a sense character which unifies the entire design.  It’s like the garnish on a dish or the right accessories to complete an outfit; without the details the room would look new and function well, but look …a little flat.

home renovation lighting design

Spectacular lighting is one detail that should never be overlooked.  The right lighting can transform the mundane to magnificent. In a”modern” environment blend recessed lighting with a sculptural element, for a simple and very effective detail.  Well-chosen light fixtures really acts as the  jewelry for a room.


Selecting the proper display items, decorative accessories, and artwork to suit an overall design can be a major challenge.  You want them to reflect your personality and tastes, but they also need to work well with the other colors, styles, and design elements in the room. A single, piece of  artwork  or spectacular chandelier that pack a punch will not only create a focal point in the room, but add your personality to the space.

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Images via Better Homes & Gardens, Pinterest, Architectural Digest