Valuable Online Resource For Your Home Renovation Projects

For those of you out there who are contemplating an upcoming home renovation project, or arecurrently in the midst of one – there are some great websites out there full of detailed information for all types of remodels and ones that provide interactive forums and discussion boards. One I’ve been most intrigued by is Buildipedia.  It provides a combination of technical information, editorial content and a full social media experience, catering to Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals, homeowners and DIYers. Buildipedia is fabulous resource for connecting and sharing information with other like-minded homeowners.  As a member you can share links, ask questions, post images of your projects and connect with the pros. Feature articles that cover specialized topics can be viewed through any one of the five channel options.
  • At Home – for Homeowners and DIYers.
  • Go Green – for Sustainable Design
  • In Studio – for Architect, Designers and Planners
  • On Site – for Contractors, Project Managers and Construction Pros
  • Operations – for Engineers and Managers.
Click here and take a look at yesterday’s article on Kitchen and design trends.  It’s a wonderful piece full of valuable information that you could implement into your plans – today!

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