Interior Design Tips – Downsizing Inside and Out

According to the National Association of Home Builders, single-family homes are continuing to get smaller and all indicators show this trend is likely to continue.  So it only makes sense that this trend apply to the interior of your home as well. When it comes to conceptualizing your home design and decorating projects, downsizing and minimizing creates a more zen-like atmosphere. Rather than fill a space full of furniture, artwork, accessories and objects at every turn, consider downsizing for a more sophisticated and elegant look.  The more upscale homes are often the ones that incorporate elegant pieces, keep clutter to a minimum and exude light and airy interiors – where less is more. Before you begin your home design project, take stock and inventory of what you have.  It will help you identify which pieces will stay and which will go!  Don’t be a hoarder – be willing to let go! Here are some design tips when streamlining your home.
  • A room with high ceilings does not mean that it requires over-sized furniture and elaborate draperies on the windows. To the contrary, the openness of the ceiling can be a beckoning call to minimize other distractions.
  • Rather than focusing on heavy, bulky furniture, think about incorporating smaller scaled furniture that are well proportioned.
  • When purchasing new pieces don’t compromise on comfort! Purchase the best you can afford.
  • Don’t compromise on function.
The fun thing about down scaling is that it allows you to upscale on the patterns used in a room. For example, the trend now is to introduce larger geometric prints on window treatments or even wall coverings.  These punches of pattern can create a dramatic effect while complimenting the elegance of moderately sized furnishings.  For some added elegance and drama, consider using black and white photographs and prints as artwork. Another important tip when it comes to decorating a small space is to introduce reflective metals and surfaces.  They can include silver, chrome, gold, mirrors, crystal, and other types of metals. There is still a heavy focus on mirrored chests and dressers today and these pieces definitely add sophistication and elegance to any space. Mirrored wall tiles will have a dramatic effect when reflecting killer views and natural light.  And don’t be afraid to install a beautiful glass and crystal chandeliers in the more unconventional spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms for that added glamour. Remember that when it comes to home design and decorating projects, less is more and will make your room feel more spacious.

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