A Dressing Room Closet Built For Two

Planning the perfect closet is never an easy task particularly when you have to share with your spouse.  Often one partner has more “inventory” shall we say than the other and rarely are they willing to give up an inch of linear space. In one of my projects the layout of the master bedroom – simply said just doesn’t make sense.  Currently the original dark, dingy and window-less walk-in closest is located on an exterior wall, which faces the beautiful lush back yard. The single windowed master bath looks directly onto the neighbor’s house.  From a planning perspective it only makes sense to flip the master bath/closet layout in order to maximize the lovely view to the lush yard from a new master bath – and plan for the new closet/dressing room where the old bath was located. Gutting and shifting the walls to create a bright and spacious master bath and his-and-her closet and dressing area will take this master suite from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  It’s about creating a perfect blend of practicality and luxury in the master bedroom suite. Keep these ideas in mind when planning the perfect closet for two:
  • Don’t feel you need to use up every inch of wall space by sacrificing natural light.  Adding windows or skylights will display your wardrobe clearly.
  • Strategically position full-length mirrors to reflect some of that natural light – and to catch a good glimpse of yourself.
  • Keep as much inventory as possible in plain sight.  Make sure its well organized, color coded and easily accessible.
  • Separate the his from hers – and provide enough space to meander through the shelves and racks.
  • If space allows provide an island for plenty of extra storage.  It’s also a terrific surface area for changing out your handbags and organizing accessories.
  • Provide a make-up vanity area preferably near a window for natural lighting.
  • Don’t forget good general lighting coupled with recessed lighting to highlight your hanging wardrobe.  Using dimmers will add that extra touch of ambiance as well.
Whether you’re planning a closet/dressing room that takes your breath away or a highly practical well-organized closet for two – use these principles to help guide you through the planning process.

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