Reviving Wallpaper in Refreshing Ways

Modern wallpaper comes in such a wide variety of designs, colors, and even textures that there is a look and style for everyone.  I am a big fan of elegant treatments and interesting textures. Whether you are treating all four walls of your living room, or using remnant pieces for pops of color and texture ,there are endless ways you can create gorgeous effects with just a little bit of wallpaper in your home.

Step Up To The Challenge

I’ve seen plenty of creative painted staircases, so why not use wallpaper? A subtle design lends an elegant effect to stair risers, but you can also take the opportunity to let the bolder side of your personality shine through with a bright wallpaper pattern.

Behind The Scenes

Use leftover wallpaper pieces to accent shelves and even small table spaces. You can line inside table legs with strips of wallpaper. Clear gloss sprayed on top of wallpaper gives it a shiny patina and helps protect the surface.

 Wallpaper on Shelving


Choose a wallpaper design you absolutely love and frame it as large-scale artwork.  Using three large strips of wallpaper framed with molding or a large picture frame will create balance and cover most of one wall.  There is plenty of wallpaper available that looks like artwork, so this is an easy look to pull off.

 Framed Wallpaper

Lights, Action!

Cover your lampshade with patterned wallpaper using a spray mount.  It’s such an easy way to create the look of custom lighting, and you can tie it in with other wallpapered elements in the room.

 Wallpaper Lampshade

Dress Your Drawers

What an eye-pleasing treat to open a plain, old drawer and see a burst of color and design. Use wallpaper to line the bottom sections of kitchen, bath or office drawers.

 Wallpaper Dresser

Remember, your space should reflect your unique style and personality, and incorporating wallpaper into your design plan can help. For additional interior design trends, tips and ideas for your home or office, contact us at Interior Makeovers, Inc. by calling 310-788-0990.  

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