Be Bold – Say it With Stripes

Whether you are planning on wearing them or decorating with them, there is no doubt that stripes make a statement. Using stripes in your interiors presents some incredible opportunities to develop personality and a rich style to a room that would otherwise be viewed as …. mediocre. Stripes can be fun, bold, colorful, and create the illusion of volume and space.

Quiet Bedroom Stripes

Consider the following for some great interior design inspiration:
  1. Use the direction of the stripes, whether horizontal or vertical, to bring attention to items in the room.
  2. Stripes bring a feeling of order to a space, compliment this with with solid colors in a geometric method around the stripes.
  3. Choosing the right direction of the stripes can make a room appear longer, shorter, taller or smaller.
  4. The width of the stripes that you use will also make a big impact on the appearance of the room. Keep proportion in mind….introduce finer stripes in a quaint spaces and beefier lines in more spacious environments. The visual effect created by this pairing results in a bold texture that is stimulating.  Thin Vertical Stripes
  5. Blend stripes on stripes with solids and floral patterns to add more layering and interest to the room.
  6. Be selective in the colors that you choose to place. Bright colors will often mute anything else they are near, while dilute colors will make a less bold and more elegant mood.
  7. Stripes make an excellent accent to any room and any design style – whether classic, traditional or coastal interiors, consider adding a simple cushion on a bench, or chair slip cover.


If you love the playfulness that can be achieved with the use of stripes but are uncertain of how to make it work for you, I’d be happy to help you design your space.  Just contact me at Interior Makeovers, Inc. for more information!

Striped Chairs

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