Design with Live Plants for Healthy Living

I love nature. The natural world provides comfort, relaxation, and a measure of peace. Live plants can bring some of the health benefits and beauty of nature into your home, where you can enjoy the feeling of a spring day even if it’s snowing a blizzard outside. To get the maximum benefit of using live plants as part of your interior design, follow these tips.

Live Plants in the Kitchen

Health Benefits of Plants  Using live plants as part of your decor can help make your home a healthy one. Live plants produce oxygen and help purify the air. Though nobody in my house suffers from breathing problems, some of us do get headaches, and we like having clean air without a noisy filter system. Live plants are also beautiful and peaceful, so they help relieve stress.

Tips for Designing with Plants Integrating built-in planters within the home creates instant architecture and works with many design styles.  Hanging plants can also create a focal point that sets off a dining space, where a small interior tree can fill an empty corner. Add some lighting from over head or ground up – to accent these plants and trees for some extra drama! Think of terrariums scattered on a dining table or architectural bamboo trees for a sculptural element.

Plants in the Bathroom

  Safety Tips If you have pets at home, be careful about which plants you introduce. Many are toxic, and you want to try and avoid those if you have pets and small children. Do a little research before you invest and get the right ones for you.

Vines on a Bathroom Wall

I would love to help you find creative ways to design with live plants in your home.  Contact me at Interior Makeovers, Inc. by calling 310-788-0990 for help with your interior design.


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