World Tour of Design: England

In our last World Tour of Design, we explored the rich and warm aesthetic of Kenyan design.  Since I still find myself occasionally slipping into a British accent thanks to my recent Downton Abbey binge, I’d like to take this World Tour of Design to England. We have been translating the British aesthetic in the U.S. from our very beginning, giving it an American twist, but classic English decor and architecture still remains as sophisticated and elegant as afternoon tea and biscuits, providing us with plenty of interior design inspiration. English design, influenced by the Italian and French during the 17thand 18th centuries, can be simplified into two major styles: Victorian and English Country. The Victorian style came about as a new wealthy class developed in urban settings due to the Industrial Revolution, and the English Country style was born on large country estates for the landed gentry of that era. The opulence and drama of Victorian décor calls for bold colors in living rooms and bedrooms. Dining rooms and libraries can go lighter, but they could feature special paint finishes or highlighting textures. Victorian walls are papered in primary florals or earth-toned leaf patterns. Extravagant furniture pieces feature ornate French-influenced scrolls and curved edges or the overstuffed styles inspired by British Eastern colonies.

Victorian design

Comfortable, classic English Country design features dark, autumnal colors that mimic the rich shades of a bountiful harvest, along with wallpaper in intricate floral patterns inspired by an English garden. Create that lived-in look with overstuffed furnishings, brass accents and your favorite collectibles for a slightly more curated interior with a lot of character. Traditional wooden bookcases filled to the brim with books, a cheerful fireplace, and a large leather sofa should give the room a sense of coziness.

English Style Living Room

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