Creating Texture in Your Home with Pressed Tin

I love the look of pressed tin, and I’m thrilled that it appears to be enjoying a rebirth. Popular in the mid-19th century as a more affordable alternative to European plasterwork, this versatile material can be used in any home interior to add texture and architectural interest to your space. I think pressed tin offers a marvelous alternative to paint, tile and wallpaper, especially if you enjoy a hint of the unexpected in your home design. The following are a few of my favorite places to use pressed tin: Ceiling Give people a reason to look up when they enter a room with a surprising and beautiful pressed tin ceiling. It creates instant architecture reflects light throughout the space.

Windsor Smith_House Beautiful Tin ceiling

Backsplash Instead of the standard tile backsplash, you can give your kitchen some 19th century elegance with pressed tin.  The pattern and texture provides an interesting backdrop to the cabinetry.

Country Living pressed tin backsplash

Wall panels Why not install pressed tin panels on the wall for that “wow factor”? It is a great replacement for the flat and ordinary look of paint, or wallpaper and paneling.

Pressed tin wallpanels C'Reflections

Headboard for a bed Give your bed some dramatic flair with a gorgeous pressed tin headboard.

Pressed Tin Headboard_photo Casamidy

If you’re still on the fence about pressed tin, consider these advantages over other materials:
  • Panel sizes are generally smaller
  • Weight difference is enormous
  • Panels last much longer
  • Adds more value to your home
  • Huge variety of patterns and designs
  • Painting is easy
  • Simple installation
I wholeheartedly agree with the saying that “everything old becomes new again”. Pressed tin brings back the style and feeling of a bygone era. Using pressed tin makes ordinary projects become personal statements of your style and artistic flair. It shows the personality and depth of your home and create a wonderful throwback to yesterday. For architectural design services contact me at Interior Makeovers, Inc by calling 310-788-0990.  I would be happy to work with you to help create a home you can be proud of that highlights your personal style and tastes.  
Photo Credits:
1.) House Beautiful
2.) Country Living
3.) C’Reflections
4.) Casamidy