World Tour of Design: Spain

In our last World Tour of Design, we took a look at Japanese architecture and design.  On this World Tour, in honor of my recent entry into the Tile of Spain: Passport to Creativity 2013 contest, I’d like to travel to Spain and take a look at their design, from Spanish Colonial to modern Spanish architecture. Spanish design, like a lot of design styles in the Mediterranean region, is heavily influenced by its environment.  Common colors are drawn from the coast, from the blues and greens of the sea to the whites and browns of the shore.  Materials common to this style also influence the color palette, such as terracotta and copper.  Texture, minimal accessorizing, and the use of metal accents and rich tapestries are also distinguishing features of Spanish design.

Spanish Design Style

The minimal accessorizing and primarily neutral color palette of Spanish interior design also complements a more modern style of architecture that is currently appearing in Spain, like this gorgeous house in Valencia, Spain.

Modern Spanish Design

In the United States, we see the influence of Spanish colonists in the design aesthetics of the southwestern states.  As with architecture and design in Spain, the Spanish Colonial style of the American southwest draws influences from its landscape, which in this case means using desert colors of sand, red, pink, purple, and white.  Similarly to Spanish style, Spanish Colonial also features tiles, metal accents, woven wall hangings, and pottery.

Spanish Colonial Style

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