Pantone’s Color of the Year – 2013

Pantone, a leading authority on color and color communication across industries, has released the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year.  After 2012’s vibrant and warm Tangerine Tango, 2013 takes a refreshing dip in the cooler end of the color spectrum with Emerald.

Emerald Home Accents

Image via: Houzz

Emerald is a more balanced and sophisticated tone than the energetic Tangerine Tango, but it also has its own rejuvenating energy that, while not as vivacious as Tangerine Tango, is no less potent.  Historically, this is a color used to symbolize growth, healing, and prosperity, making it a great choice for the promising future we hope to see in 2013.

 Accents in Emerald

Image via: Veranda

Using Emerald in your home will convey a sense of both calm and opulence, adding a lushness to your interior design.  Using it as a primary tone in a room might be a bit overwhelming, but it makes a beautiful accent when paired with neutrals like grays and sandy earth tones.  An Emerald accent can become an instant focal point in a room, rejuvenating the look of a space as it rejuvenates you.

 Creating a Focal Point in Emerald

Image via: Veranda

I would love to help you design your home’s interior with luscious Emerald accents!  Just contact me at Interior Makeovers Inc. by calling 310-788-0990 or emailing, and I’ll be happy to give your home a unique Pantone-inspired design.