How To Choose A Color Scheme That Speaks To Your Buyer?

EXTERIOR This speaks to knowing your neighborhood, the style of your home and its architecture and what colors will enhance your piece of property. Take a look around your neighborhood and see which color palettes appeal to you and what the trends are.  Are the exterior colors gravitating to more neutral colors?
  • Don’t scrimp on the quality of paint or the job itself! (Interior or Exterior)
  • A professional quality paint job will instantly boost the resale value of a home.
  • You want your house to be similar but NOT identical to others around you.
  • Choose a color scheme that enhances your curb appeal and accentuates your homes character and charm!
  • For a Spanish Style Home:  You’ll want to introduce a palette of more neutral desert inspired colors such as tans/sandy whites/clay/browns.
  • On a Victorian Home: Use rich subtle shades of historic colors, with  4 –5 different coordinating colors.
  • Variations of greens/golds,  blues/grays, or greens/tans/peach.
  • Full of handsome color combinations.
Every paint company will have sample palettes that are interchangeable for your exterior and interior, which works for walls, trims, doors etc. INTERIOR When it’s time to re-paint your interior for re-sale it’s probably best to use softer, less stressful colors.  Introduce a neutral palette for the interior – keep it on the safe side leaning to the lighter tones.
  • Prospective buyers have an easier time envisioning their furniture, accessories and personality in a more neutral color palette.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a few different calm and soothing colors that coordinate and compliment each other from room to room, for an easy transition.
  • Offset those soft neutral wall colors with painting out all the trims, baseboards and moldings in a nice crisp white semi-gloss. It will make those mellow colors pop and create some elegance and sophistication throughout the entire home.
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