3 Design Strategies That Will Set Your Home Apart From The Rest When It’s Time To Sell

In today’s super competitive real estate market its more important than ever to impress potential buyers within the first 5 minutes and do whatever you can to make that first impression unforgettable. 1. Create A Welcoming Entrance/Foyer
  • Impress buyers by leading them in from the street through a fabulous grand entrance and beautiful new front door. Introduce glass either in the door itself or transoms above. Natural light will flood in and brighten up the foyer.
  • Line the pathway with garden lights and install wall sconces flanking your new front door. This will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for buyers and lead them right into your home.
  • Inside, dress this foyer for success and glam it up to entice the buyer.
  • A console table or chest and chair with a beautiful piece of art positioned above will evoke a welcoming and positive feeling every time a prospective buyer walks through the door.
  • Hang a large beautifully framed mirror on the sidewall of the entry to reflect another view of what lies beyond (expanding the space) and don’t forget to add some beautiful fresh flowers.
2. Maximize the Lighting Inside And Out
  • Lighting of all kinds is incredibly important in both the interior and exterior of the home.
  • Everyone loves a bright cheerful space, so address each room individually.
  • If your home is dark, dingy and compartmentalized (small rooms that block natural light coming in) then you really might need to consider removing some walls to open up the floor plan in order to flood more natural daylight into the house.
  • Sometimes that means integrating the kitchen/dining and family rooms together for an open floor plan
  • Add skylights to maximize natural lighting as well.
  • If you need to upgrade your lighting throughout:  Add general lighting in the form of recessed pot lights on dimmers. Task lighting in the form of tri-lite lamps, and accent lighting in shelving, plants and highlighting art
  • Tip: Before you show your home, replace EVERY bulb throughout your house for a brighter, cleaner and crisp light so they all burn at the same intensity.
3.  Make It A Turnkey Home
  • Buyers love a home that’s in Move-In –Condition!  A home that doesn’t require a litany of projects to get it up to speed.  Wouldn’t that be music to your ears?
  • In booming markets people are more willing to invest in customizing.
  • In leaner markets if a house isn’t well maintained it will likely take more time to sell or be passed by entirely.
  • Instant gratification doesn’t happen fast enough these days, so do what you can to make it EASY to move in.
  • Buyers want to instantly know that this home FEELS right.
  • Do everything in your power to show the potential buyers that your home has been well maintained, nurtured and very much loved.  They’ll be able to envision themselves there.
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