Home Office Design Trends For 2010

Did you know that more than half of all U.S. businesses are home-based?  Did you also know – according to the Small Business Association – they estimate approximately 6.6 million of these businesses provide more than half of their household income? The homeprenuer trend is growing, and will only continue to intensify.  So how do we create that home office to provide us with a positive environment in which to grow? Since almost 90% of home-based entrepreneurs have families, separating the living and working environments can prove to be a little tricky.  So pick a spot in your home, where noise and traffic are at a minimum and privacy is optimum.  A separate guesthouse outside, or a room above your garage, would be the ideal location for your home office, but the reality is that the typical home-based business is located inside the house. Entrepreneurs, tend to be highly creative and innovative people – and their work environments should reflect that aspect of their personality.   If your home office space is stimulating and sparks innovation, then your creativity just flows.  When it’s dull, drab and dingy your work will suffer the same fate. We’ve entered a new decade.  Isn’t it time to “Up the Ante”? Whether you’re purchasing new office furniture, re-painting your space or simply accessorizing, punch up your home office environment and infuse a few of these cool new design trends into your plan. 2010 Design Trends: Eco-Friendly:
  • Nature-inspired design and green products.
  • Natural environmentally friendly furnishings.
  • Paint colors that work with your company’s branding, logo and website. (Use Low VOC or Zero VOC paints.)
  • Introduce a chalkboard wall to save on paper and brainstorm ideas.
Eclectic Designs:
  • Blending and layering of bold colors and graphic patterns.
  • Large-scaled patterned wallpapers and grass cloths are back in vogue.
  • Clean, simple and flexible office furniture styles.
  • Office seating upholstered in bright bold fabrics with neutral pillows.
Color Trends: Yellow:
  • It’s THE color for this year’s palette. Wall color or accessories.
  • If it’s good for the White House, it’ll be great in your house.
  • Epitomizes warmth and a sunny outlook toward the future.
  • Sparks imagination and innovation.
  • Defines refined luxury and elegance.
  • Represents a sense of royalty and power.
  • Natural colors of sand, trees and moss green.
  • Creates a sense of balance and harmony.
  • Aqua/Teal will be a hot summer accent color.
  • Charcoal and slate grays are the new neutrals and showcase the brightly colored furniture.
  • Metallic grays in furniture, leather and metals are hot this year – and blend beautifully with each of these trend setting colors.
  • Ecologically driven neutrals and organic tones.
  • Muted colors always evoke a sense of calm – but infuse some color for accent to keep you jazzed and awake.
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