The Evolution Of A Solid Floor Plan

Brown Residence, Week 8 Having accumulated enough data to bring the Brown’s design concept into focus gives me the information I need to really begin developing a comprehensive and well-designed floor plan.  It’s my job to make sense of Liz and Mark’s wants and needs and implement them into the overall layout and floor plan. Remember we are working with and existing home of approx. 3,800 square feet and potentially adding on another 2,000+ square feet to the existing structure. Spatial relationships are extremely important when planning a successful layout.  As the floor plan begins to evolve, we must aim for consistency, uniformity, proportion and flow from one space to another. The development of a solid floor plan is where you begin to see your dream take shape.  It’s a process that evolves over time between the designer and client, and is the first crucial step in providing you with a true reflection of how your family really lives. Committing to a final floor plan takes time to develop.  From a sketch on tracing paper to completed CAD drawings – the ultimate goal is to create a fantastic layout that is perfect for you! Here Are 5 Key Strategies For A Smooth Planning Process:
  1. Work very closely with your designer or architect.
  2. As questions – if you don’t understand the drawings, have them explained until you do.
  3. Take your time and plan methodically to avoid costly errors.
  4. Make sure your designer implements all of your desires and understands your priorities.
  5. A fully detailed plan helps to avoid any miscommunications.
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