Digging Deep For Clues

Brown Residence, Week 6Week 6-1 Image 1 After submitting the Typographic Land Survey and the site plan – complete with the locations of the proposed additions – the Geologists were able to analyze the Brown’s canyon property and determine the number of drill sites, test pits and drill depths required to collect sufficient soils for sampling. The Geologist’s assessed that only one major drill site was necessary in Liz and Mark’s driveway – boring down 50’ for soil sampling rather than a more typical 30’ – and an additional 4 hand tool excavated test pits are required throughout the front and rear yards, relative to the proposed additions. What To Expect:
  • A truck mounted drill rig and other equipment showed up in their driveway for 3-4 hours on that schedule morning to collect the samples at varying levels on the site.  It was an invasive, arduous and time – consuming process yet fascinating at the same time.
  • The test drilling created an 8” diameter hole in the driveway, which was filled with concrete to even out the surface.  Unfortunately the repair to that hole wasn’t as smooth as Liz had expected and it needed to be corrected.  Since the Brown’s will be living here for some time before the construction begins, we expect all repair work to be as done as neatly as possible.Week 6-1 Image 2
  • Days later, several laborers showed up with the soils engineer to dig 4 hand tool test pits.  These pits disturbed, 2’x3’ areas of sod that were cut, soil removed for testing and were finally re-filled and sod replaced.  It should take the sod just a couple of weeks to recover.
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Week 6-1 Image 3