Silestone’s White Zeus and the New Neutrals

Silestone by Cosentino was another of the generous #BlogTourNYC sponsors who was present at our welcome breakfast on the first day of the tour.  In addition to being a sponsor on the Modenus Blog Tour, Silestone is the manufacturer of a brilliant original compound of the same name, made with natural quartz featuring bacteriostatic protection.  For this reason, Silestone is an ideal material for kitchen countertops and bathrooms thanks to its completely unique antibacterial compound.

Lorenzo Marquez

At the breakfast we had the chance to enjoy a presentation by the company’s Vice President of Marketing, Lorenzo Marquez.  He was proudly introducing a new line of neutral colors available for the Silestone collection.  Called the “Nebula Series,” this group of six new neutrals is inspired by nebulae, the cosmic clouds of gas from which stars are born.  These colors are beautifully subtle, with quiet veining that creates a sense of depth similar to looking into the night sky, especially the Doradus color.  Each color includes the standard features of Silestone products, including a non-porous, antibacterial surface with a high level of durability.  Take a look at this design featuring the Altair color:


What I was most excited about, however, was the introduction of the new White Zeus Extreme surface.  White countertops have always been a favorite of mine, and I’m not alone- so many of my clients have pined after them too!  White Zeus Extreme takes white countertops to a whole new level, offering the whitest white available on the market.  This surface is ideal for modern, transitional and traditional kitchens and bath designs and compliments stainless appliances beautifully.  Sleek and simple or  or distinctively detailed, just vary the edge style to suit your design aesthetic and you’ll have the perfect surface for your countertops.


When contrasted with black appliances and details, your kitchen takes on instant drama and sophistication: absolutely beautiful!


Some homeowners tend to shy away from white counters fearing they may be more difficult to maintain and keep clean, especially those as bright as White Zeus Extreme.  The joy of Silestone, however, is that its non-porous surface requires very little maintenance to keep its beauty.  In addition to its natural durability and antibacterial properties, Silestone doesn’t require sealant like natural stone countertops.


Between their low-maintenance features and wide variety of colors (in addition to the new neutrals they’ve just released!) the possibilities are endless!  This material is so versatile, I can’t think of a design where I couldn’t use it! Be sure to stay tuned for more updates from the Blog Tour!



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Image 1: Lori Gilder

Images 2,3,4,5 : Silestone