The National Kitchen and Bath Association Turns 50 This Year!

After returning from the exciting #BlogTourNYC event and The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show also known as KBIS, I was able to see some emerging trends and new products in the industry and enjoyed the opportunity to spend time and exchange ideas with the incredibly talented designers.  The National Kitchen and Bath Association, which was also a Sponsor of #BlogTourNYC, has outdone itself with KBIS 2013, and with good reason: this year marks the NKBA’s 50th anniversary – and they are celebrating in NOLA!


NKBA began as the American Institute of Kitchen Dealers in 1963, intended as an organization to help designers, builders, and other industry professionals communicate and learn from each other.  In the past 50 years, they have grown to an organization of nearly 60,000 members while still staying true to their original goal. In fact, thanks to KBIS and the NKBA I was among eight designers invited to the show to design and present various spaces geared to a specific demographic using a new interactive and experiential platform called QueX Technology.  (More on that in my next post).


Consumer education is a major goal of the NKBA, and one of the points they have stressed through the BlogTour is that they want consumers to understand the true value of working with a design professional.  With the increasingly easy access to design resources like Houzz, HGTV, and even blogs like this one, the DIY trend has blossomed among homeowners who want to create a whole new look for the home.  If you have a strong grasp on color theory and psychology, small home upgrades like painting are pretty straightforward, but there are numerous small and subtle factors that affect what works and what doesn’t work within a space. The trained design professional, especially one with extensive experience, has encountered these challenges and caveats and knows how to work within a space making it the best it can be.  A picture of your dream kitchen online or in a magazine is incredibly inspiring, but a trained designer will guide and execute all the elements of the project customizing that design – geared specifically for their client.  This ultimately creates a truly successful project -while saving you time-money-and stress! Stay tuned for more information from the KBIS show and the Design Studio work I did there!


Photo Credits:

1.) KBIS

2.) NKBA