World Tour of Design: Mexico

In last week’s World Tour of Design, I explored the visual elements of Moroccan design and architecture.  This week, I’d like to travel to Mexico and examine the design elements that characterize this beautiful region of the world.  This country has special significance to me because I actually designed a property in San Jose Del Cabo a few years ago.  It was not the typical idea of a house layout, yet it was a unique project surrounded by spectacular views of  both the pool and the ocean.

 San Jose Del Cabo Home Design

The climate and environment have a profound influence on Mexican design.  For example, this particular home I designed was built on a hillside and, instead of the typical house enclosed by four walls, this home was comprised of several separate buildings that were open to each other.  Large sliding pocket doors were integrated into each building for security and protection from the seasonal elements. A major architectural element in Mexican design is the palapa.  Here this main living area which is constructed of dried palm leaves and pine beams provides much needed shade – and is very common in Mexican seaside communities.  The palapa is considered one of the most important architectural elements in Mexican design.   The warm climate of Mexico combined with the fresh ocean breeze near this property made this open layout very appealing, and the views it offered were unparalleled.

 Mexican Palapa

Earth tones are a key feature of Mexican design, from sandy beige to burnt sienna.  More vivid reds or oranges might also make an appearance, but the colors choices are typically warm as the summers in Mexico.  Integrated furniture is quite typical in Mexico – from beds and nightstands to seating in the palapa – they seem to organically rise up from the floor.

 Bedroom in Mexico

Mexican design also makes use of a lot of natural materials and handcrafted items.  Beautiful tiles, woven baskets, tropical plants, and wood furniture are all great accessories to implement if you are designing your home in the Mexican style.

 Living Room Design

                                                             All images via Lori Gilder – Interior Makeovers Inc. For more information on designing your interior with Mexican influences or for help with your interior design, feel free to contact me at  Interior Makeovers Inc. by calling 310-788-0990.  I would love to help you create your dream home!