Renovating a Kitchen with a Custom Range Hood

One of my current renovation projects is an exciting kitchen renovation.  We will be expanding the size of the kitchen by relocating an adjacent laundry room and utilizing that extra square footage to create a highly functional and extremely beautiful new kitchen. In order to keep the design feeling focused and purposeful, we had to choose a focal point for the kitchen.  The focal point is the first place to which the eye is drawn when it enters a room, and it acts as an anchor for the rest of the design.  For this kitchen renovation, we are incorporating custom range hood, which will also provide instant character to this space.

Custom Range Hood Designed by Linda McDougald

 Designer: Linda McDougald                                Photo: Rachael Boling

In recent years, the range hood has evolved from the functional-but-boring feature of the kitchen into a beautifully designed focal point that can really enhance the entire style of the kitchen.  Custom range hoods still provide the very necessary function of  ventilation by removing odors and moisture from the home to improve your air quality, but they do so with an artful touch.  From stainless steel, zinc,  perwter or bronze, these range hoods can be customized to blend seamlessly into any kitchen design, and tend to steal the show by becoming the focal point of the entire kitchen.  This is our goal with this current kitchen renovation project. Here is the new floor plan for the kitchen renovation:

 Floor Plan for the Kitchen Remodel

As you can see, the site lines in this spacious kitchen instantly draw your eyes to the centrally located range.  It is now easily visible from the entryway as well as from the built-in banquette, where the family will spend much of their time gathering and cozying in for those gourmet meals. Here is an elevation that shows the view of the proposed zinc/stainless barrel shaped range hood:

 Range Hood Elevation

The size of the range hood will undoubtedly complement the new kitchen design and make an impressive statement in the room. If you’re interested in adding a custom range hood to your kitchen, there are some excellent resources on both the East and the West coast.  It also helps to have the assistance of a professional designer when making design decisions as big as this one, so please feel free to contact me by calling 310-788-0990 or emailing  
Custom Range Hood Designed by Linda McDougald, Photo by Rachael Boling