California Home+Design Invites You to Attend “Small Space Big Style”

If you live in a small space in Los Angeles, you are probably very familiar with some of the challenges and frustrations of trying to create a beautiful and functional home within the limits of your floor plan.  While small spaces can be difficult to design, the challenges they present inspire many creative and innovative styling solutions.  Recently, California Home+Design chose seven designers to explore these creative solutions to space limitations in one 1,400 square foot penthouse for their Small Space Big Style exhibit.  The resulting design is now open for public viewing at the Hollywood Condos in Los Angeles.
Living and Dining Room Designed by Christopher Kennedy
Living and Dining Room designed by Christopher Kennedy.
Each of the seven designers was given a designated part of the penthouse to design for an imaginary client.  Though the space was limited, the materials, colors, and ideas were not, and these designers flourished during this challenge.  The chance to use unusual materials and daring color choices was a creatively refreshing experience that resulted in an incredibly inspired space.  The penthouse is now a luxurious, chic home that makes the most of its small square footage with innovative space-saving solutions.
Bedroom and Bath Designed by Brian Patrick Flynn
Bedroom designed by Brian Patrick Flynn
You can get inspired for your own small space design by visiting the Small Space Big Style Showhouse between now and November 18.  The Showhouse is open from 10 AM to 2 PM on Fridays and from 10 AM to 3 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.  Tickets are $20 and are available online or at the door if you pay with credit.  Proceeds from the Showhouse benefit the A+D Architecture and Design Museum>Los Angeles, so be sure to come out and support this incredible museum!  
Photos via California Home+Design