Design Inspiration For Your Thanksgiving Table

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is here and the holiday season is about to explode.  Many of us will be hosts – welcoming our family and friends into our homes to share in this American holiday tradition! As a Canadian transplant I have to confess that it didn’t take me long after moving to LA to acclimate to the spicy flavors, sweet tastes and savory aromas of the Traditional Thanksgiving Feast. This is by far my favorite meal – guaranteed to put my into my annual “food coma”. So, just like I do every year, I spent some time last week flipping through a few recipe books, gourmet magazines and even tuned in to the Food Network to grab some Thanksgiving recipe inspiration. And last night I made the most delicious “Chicken with 40 Garlic Cloves” (I only used 20) which produced the most o-u-t-r-a-g-e-o-u-s gravy!  Try this recipe and see for yourself.  So needless to say that sauce will be making its way back on to our  Thanksgiving table on Thursday. Watching those celebrity chefs on the Food Network create the most delectable Thanksgiving meals in 30 mins. is beyond intimidating. Yet for me it’s simply a matter of playing “Mr. Potato Head” with these recipes to see how I can attempt to design a menu that I can actually pull off. Then I’ll drag the kids through the neighborhood to hunt and gather all the twigs, leaves, branches and pinecones we can find in the neighborhood to dress the table in a very chic yet eco-friendly sort of way. Here are just a few of my favorite Thanksgiving Table Designs.

Image via Country Living Magazine

Image via House Beautiful

Image via Martha Stewart

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Image via Lonny Magazine

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