Bringing That Beach Style Home

Beach style living gives you the luxury of living more casually but with great sophistication and style.  So if you’ve just returned from a beach vacation and you want to bring that coastal vibe home with you, here are some design ideas to help give you the look you’re after.

Photo Via Coastal Living Image: Lisa Romerein

White tends to be the most used color in interior design. It’s extremely malleable, easily transitional and highly reflective creating a bright and cheery atmosphere even on the gloomiest days. Using white walls, ceilings, floors, moldings as the dominant color in a home might seem a like a recipe for disaster to some, but the reality is it enlarges small spaces at the same time acting as the ideal backdrop for making every day practical items pop like works of art.  The space feels lighter and airier.

Photo via Elle Decor   Meg Ryan’s Kitchen

·      Treat your ceiling to some volume if at all possible with exposed beams and truss work, or add some 8” tongue and groove paneling to your ceilings for some added volume and cottage atmosphere. 

Everyone loves the dark deep rich tones of wood floors over the past few years, but to achieve that lighter and brighter “beachy” environment consider going blonde. Sand your floorboards and refinish them in a myriad of ways by using natural linseed oils, white wax oils, lyes or white soaps to get the latest look. A lighter looking floor allows the wood’s character to show through, which tends to create a more rustic feel. Top it off with a natural area rug for added texture and comfort. Incorporating a host of organic materials such as bamboos, rattans and natural woods creates a sense of both casual and natural style of living.  

Photo via Coastal Living

Maximize your outdoor views whether it’s your pool, patio, deck or beach with bi-fold or sliding doors – that tuck easily away – to integrate the interior with the exterior and extend your interior living space to the outdoors.  Grab inspiration from your home’s natural environment – so when it comes time to select your color palette – let the natural environment beyond help guide your color inspiration.

       Use slipcovers on seating – and provide yourself with multiple sets in alternating fabrics and colors for the changing seasons.  Do the same with your accessories – shifting from spring/summer and fall/winter without ever leaving your vacation home.


Photo via Elle Decor

Photo Via Elle Decor

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Article by Lori Gilder, Architectural Interior Designer, Los Angeles, Ca. © 2011 Lori Gilder. Interior Makeovers Inc.

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  1. Always been big fans of exposed beams and natural wood. The idea of going “blonde” with some of the woodwork / floors to highlight a home’s beach living environment is a nice aesthetic.

    1. I’m all about going “blonde”. Thanks so much for your comments!!!! Hope you’re enjoying your summer!!

  2. How lucky you Californians that you get to be swathed in beachy design all year round….I love your post Lori and that kitchen (Meg Ryan’s) was so beautiful — I’d never leave. The Coastal Living table set with ocean view is so relaxing. xo tamara

    1. Tamara…..we do have the beach vibe all year round……yet unfortunately not all of us live at the beach. Thanks so much for your comment Tamara and I’m with you.. I love Meg Ryan’s kitchen!! xo

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