Interiors Fit For Royalty

Photo: John Stillwell/Corbis

I have a confession to make.   I’m a Royal Wedding geek!  I can’t wait until Friday morning 4am where I’ll be whisked away to London’s Westminster Abbey (along with a billion or so other guests – who’s invitations were lost in the mail along with mine) to witness the pageantry, the spectacle, and the Pomp and Circumstance of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s lavish Royal nuptials. The spectacular gothic architecture of the Abbey with its elongated walls and vaulted ceilings, vibrant stained glass windows and spectacular colors and textures make this the ideal setting for the “Wedding of the Century”.

Westminster Abbey

I’m particularly interested is seeing “Catherine’s” choice of wedding gown.  Nina Garcia, the Marie Claire fashion director and “Project Runway” judge, considers Kate Middleton’s style as “contemporary, sophisticated, easy, effortless, and often sporty.” “She often dresses conservatively but it’s very ladylike,” says Garcia.  I’m eager to see which style of dress she will choose to wear.

I’m also fascinated to see how Kate’s “contemporary, sophisticated, conservative and sporty fashion style will translate into her interior design style? Kate and William have hired “family friend” Beverly Hills Interior Designer to the stars Kenneth Bordewick to makeover their 4,000 sq. ft. farmhouse in North Wales.  Kenneth is a friend of Prince Charles and previously designed the library at London’s royal Clarence House. “They want it to be casual and contemporary.  It won’t be classical or old-fashioned at all” said Kenneth. “They know that the rest of their lives is going to be very traditional and want to let their hair down now with a typical young, newlywed house.” he said. So based on this client profile, will William and Kate’s casual and contemporary farmhouse contain undertones of a more Country Classic approach, a Traditionally Elegant ambiance, or Transitional Chic environment? By the way I hear Kate loves to cook – so all eyes are on the kitchen as well. Kenneth shares these 2 interiors below, which give us a glimpse into William and Kate’s “Royal Taste.”

Designer:  Kenneth Bordewick                          Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors LLC

Designer:  Kenneth Bordewick                           Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors LLC

I also wanted to share a few more images with you that I feel are fit for the couple’s farmhouse design aesthetic. Enjoy – and let me know which ones make you feel regal?

Classic Bathroom

Designer: Mary McDonald

Designer: Kathryn Ireland

Designer: Mark Cutler

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