The 3 Worst Mistakes That Homeowners Make When Renovating Their Home

  • More people begin their home renovation projects without much pre-planning and believe they’ll just work out the details and figure it out as they move along.
  • For a successful home renovation project you need to follow a plan! Literally and figuratively.
  • For larger projects, you’ll need to invest in a set of detailed construction drawings with plans, elevations and details.
  • If you’re simply updating a bathroom and introducing new materials have a list that covers the scope of what your project entails. Without planning – rest assured, you will experience one delay after another and throw good money after bad.
  • Don’t demolish anything unless you have a documented plan.
  • Planning ahead will save you valuable time and money..
  • When the scope of the project and the final result is incongruent or disproportionate with the home’s market value and the standards of the neighborhood, then there’s a problem.
  • Whether you live in a more modest community, middle class or very affluent neighborhood renovate and update your home according to what your neighborhood will tolerate.
  • It should be congruent with what your neighborhood will allow.
  • Don’t scrimp in the high-end market and don’t overspend on the lower end market.
  • You definitely won’t recoup your money when you go to sell.
3.  DIY PROJECTS GONE AWRY The reality is that DIY projects typically take three to four times longer than it would take for a skilled contractor to do it. Do you have the luxury of time on your side?
  • Many DIY projects become even more complicated than expected. Approximately 20% of ambitious home remodelers eventually have to call in a professional to not only complete the work, but fix that damage that the homeowner caused. And truthfully, it can be difficult at times to find someone to come to the rescue to repair the botched job.
  • Stick to painting, cabinet staining, re-facing and clean up.
  • A poor substandard job will show like a flashing beacon and no one will be willing to pay top dollar for that.
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