An Outdoor Lover’s Paradise

Summer is just around the corner and everyone is anxious to spend some serious time outside.  Here in Southern California warm summer weather tends to last a good 7 months or so  – substantially longer than many other parts of the country – so outdoor living is a way of life around here. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the 7 Tips To Consider When Designing Your Ultimate Outdoor Escape.  And since I’m now in the midst of planning a charming outdoor living space for my client that will compliment the new interior space, I thought it would be helpful to provide you with some added details to help you transform your yard into a beautiful outdoor paradise this summer. Designate Zones That Reflects Your Family’s Lifestyle.
  • Know the activities that you want your outdoor space to have.
  • Playing: Sports Court, grassy area or swing set.
  • Lounging: Pool and/or spa, chairs and chaises or built-ins.
  • Cooking: Outdoor kitchen or simple barbeque area.
  • Entertaining/Dining; Dining area, fireplace or firepit.
  • Elevated deck or patio.
Outdoor Kitchen Details.
  • If at all possible and layout allows, plan your outdoor cooking areas as close to your indoor kitchen as possible. A shorter distance of travel transporting food back and forth will make outdoor entertaining easier.
  • Connect your grill to a permanent fuel line and avoid those propane tanks all together.
  • If budget and space allows,  keep the indoor/outdoor traffic to a minimum and install a sink, refrigerator and even dishwasher, and extra space to store your outdoor tableware.
  • If space is at a premium build in your seating.
  • Nestle a banquette-like sofa into your deck or patio, and build them out of the same decking material to give them a more architectural and integral appearance.  Provide storage below for seat cushions and pillows.
Don’t Forget the Shade.
  • For protection from the mid-day sun and those long hot days – add a trellis or pergola overhead. Umbrellas and awnings will also do the trick and shade you and your guests as well.
  • Wrap vines or bougainvillea up the trellis or pergola for some additional shade cover and color as well.
Extend The Summer.
  • If you feel that summer is just flying by, extend the season by designing a permanent outdoor fireplace, firepit and patio heaters to keep you warm during the cooler autumn temperatures.
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