10 Ways To Transform Your Family Room

You’ve been collecting photos, articles and all kinds of inspiration from magazines and websites for years.  You’ve imagined, visualized and dreamed about your “ideal” home for as long as you can remember (and you have the files to prove it). For years you’ve envisioned yourself curled up in front of your spectacular fireplace reading the current NY Times bestseller, inviting your family and friends over for that super bowl party, and kicking back and relaxing with your kids after a great summer barbeque. Your family room is the second most popular space in the home after the kitchen – a multi-functional place where we’re anchored as a family – so isn’t it time to get your vision down on paper, call a contractor and make it happen in time for spring? Here are 10 Great Design Tips and Guidelines To Help Get You Started.
  1. Open your family room to adjoining spaces so the room is visible from the kitchen and dining room, ultimately inviting everyone in.
  2. Define these open spaces by introducing some architectural elements such as arches, columns, and other details.
  3. If possible add floor-to-ceiling windows along the entire length of the exterior wall to introduce more natural light while maximizing your view.
  4. Increase the overall height of your space by introducing a vaulted ceiling Creating a sense of volume will instantly make your room feel more spacious.
  5. Plan your home entertainment system early on in the design phase to ensure that all electrical wiring and any integrated systems meet your needs.
  6. Create one major focal point within this space. Install your large screen plasma TV within the fireplace wall  (if you have one).
  7. The furniture layout should be oriented toward the focal point of the space.  Don’t be inclined to line up your furniture pieces up against the wall thinking it creates more space.  It doesn’t.
  8. Custom design or purchase comfortable sofas, upholstered in durable, easy-to-clean and forgiving fabric. This informal and relaxing gathering space should function the way you really need it to.
  9. Be aware of traffic patterns when planning a furniture layout.  The ability to walk through the room without navigating through a maze of furniture is key.
  10. Plan for your family room to have multiple light sources. The combination of general, task, and accent lighting (all on dimmers) creates drama and produces an amazing effect over the entire space.
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