How To Make Selecting Windows “Pane” Free!

Brown Residence, Week 12 I think it’s safe to say that the windows are the eyes to the soul of the home.  They tend to provide us with a glimpse of character on the exterior and a sense of personal style on the interior. When it comes to your home renovation, addition or remodel, selecting the type and style of windows will be one of the most important architectural details you’ll choose.  Take the time and choose your doors and windows wisely to ensure your new windows are integral to your existing structure. As we plan, revise and modify the Brown’s plans, I see a common thread in each and every project I design.  The proper placement, selection and style of doors and windows – are critical to the success of any home renovation and addition project. In Liz and Mark’s situation, the entire 2,000 square foot addition  (both first and second floors) is being designed and planned to enhance the immediate connection to their beautiful back yard. Implementing expansive floor to ceiling doors and windows – will not only provide immediate access to their new spectacular outdoor living area – but will also integrate a seamless transition from the interior to the exterior. When it comes to selecting the perfect new windows (and doors) for your home remodel and addition consider these tips:
  • Base your window choice on continuity.  Select the same style that exists throughout your home.  If it’s casements you have now then integrate the same style into your addition.  Don’t worry if they’re not an exact match.
  • Look for windows that are similar in size and proportion to your existing ones.  Positioning them in strategic locations may trick the eye into seeing something that’s been there all along.
  • If you’re renovating a period home, make sure you select a window style that is reminiscent of the time your house was built.  This may require more custom designs than stock items.
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