The “Role” Of Tracing Paper

Brown Residence, Week 9 The perfect design concept – whether developing an extensive floor plan for your remodel, developing the exterior elevations of your home renovation or designing fine cabinetry details – all require the same process to get started. When it comes to putting pencil to paper, I love the idea of free hand sketching.  For me it’s the most creative and fluid way to fit the puzzle pieces together.  With my roll of tracing paper in hand, I can feel a concept flow from my fingers right onto the page. Developing a solid floor plan is not an exact science – yet requires experimenting with multiple concepts until you get it right. In the Brown’s case the process starts with laying tracing paper over the “as-builts” – and sketching some preliminary ideas, concepts and room layouts over the existing plans.  I begin with bubble diagrams, sketches and scribbles (it’s very scientific). I assess, evaluate and revise the layout over and over, until I feel it’s good enough to present to Liz and Mark for round one. During this meeting, we review the layout together dissecting every nuance possible – walking through the space virtually in our mind’ eye and laying sheets of tracing paper over one another. I call this the “Mr. Potato Head” theory.  I did mention that this phase is not an exact science, and since the floor plan evolves in a variety of ways, this is the best time to experiment with certain elements that may be re-sized, shifted or relocated entirely. At the conclusion of that meeting with notes in hand I head back to the drawing board and the process begins all over again refining and revising – until a solid design concept and floor plan is established. I encourage you leave questions or comments below this post, and fill out the form on the right hand side of this page to receive your free copy of my special report: “How to Avoid the 15 Most Common Decorating Mistakes” Article by Lori Gilder, Architectural Interior Designer, Los Angeles, Ca. © 2010 Lori Gilder. Interior Makeovers Inc