Why Should You Hire A Design Professional?

You’re at a point right now where you’re seriously contemplating a home renovation project this summer.  You have a good idea of what you want, and now it’s time to take the necessary steps to turn your long awaited vision into a reality. Depending on the scope and size of your home renovation project, the right architect, interior designer, engineer or decorator can help navigate you through the decision making process and help solve problems creatively along the way.  They will undoubtedly save you time and money and eliminate all kinds of potential planning mistakes down the road. So what type of design professional do you need for your project? It helps if you have a grasp on the overall scope of your remodeling project. If you are planning on making any structural changes to your home by moving walls, planning a whole house renovation or building a new addition, that would require stamped construction drawings by an architect, designer or engineer. On smaller remodeling projects a designer can be hired to simply prepare floor plans and documents for permitting and for the contractor to build from.  In that case it’s a quick relationship and their involvement is minimal. Architectural designers are spatially oriented people who create complete interior and exterior environments while keeping their thumbs on current trends and building code requirements. I encourage you leave questions or comments below this post, and fill out the form on the right hand side of this page to receive your free copy of my special report: “How to Avoid the 15 Most Common Decorating Mistakes” Article by Lori Gilder, Architectural Interior Designer, Los Angeles, Ca. © 2010 Lori Gilder. Interior Makeovers Inc

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  1. Very nice presentation. We do a majority of our projects on the east coast but from time to time work out of our associates location in Culver City. I will keep you in mind.

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