Should You Move or Improve?

Brown Residence, Week 1 I have to say that of all the homes and projects I’ve designed over the years, I’m most excited about this one.  I truly believe the transformation of this home will prove to be a phenomenal experience for all involved. The scope of this renovation project is so vast, that it could almost be considered a new build, so we need to approach this project with precision planning and meticulous detail.  Creating a successful renovation experience and a fabulous end product for these clients require painstaking preparation and a focused mind-set on everyone’s part. But I now need to share something with you.  There’s a potential glitch looming.  You see, while I’m in the throes of re-planning and re-designing this spectacular home –my clients Liz and Mark Brown are expecting their fourth child (in just a few months)—and while everyone’s aware that there’s no possible way this project will even break ground before summer – Liz is now shopping for homes!  She’s feeling a little anxious, slightly overwhelmed and they’re definitely short a bedroom or two.  So needless to say moving into the perfect house is very appealing to her right now.

contemporary exterior

Will they find that perfect house?

Or will we create their dream home?

Hard hat

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