3 Money Saving Strategies That Will Save You Thousands On Your Home Renovation Instantly!

  • Avoid the guesswork down the road.
  • Use your time wisely, don’t panic or race against the clock.
  • Educate yourself- be methodical, truthful.
  • Assess your needs and evaluate the overall scope of your project – what do you need, what do you want?
  • Zero in on your wish list and need list.
  • Figuring it out as you go = costly mistakes later.
  • Determine your goal and nail down the scope of your project.
  • Ask yourself a litany of questions.
  • Gather your ideas – Educate yourself on materials, finishes and appliances available – source styles and
  • Reconfigure or repurpose existing space unless you’re just busting at the seams, then by all means add on.
  • Borrow space from neighboring rooms, closets, hallways.
  • Try to work around load bearing walls-don’t remove them
  • Consider a bump out or cantilevered window bench in the kitchen, thereby avoiding the need of a full foundation
  • In kitchens and baths if your original footprint continues to meet your family’s needs, then keep all plumbing and electrical in the same location.
  • Supplement electrical rather than move it by adding outlets along the backsplash and sides of the island.
  • If your kitchen’s work triangle functions well then keep the original locations of the appliances, fixtures and utilities. Moving plumbing can double the cost.
  • When shopping and specifying doors and windows, stick with standard sizes. Stay away from custom. There are an endless selection of standardized products that could you could save double.
  • Select standard cabinet door styles and finishes without getting too fancy. Don’t include any bells and whistles in the interiors of cabinets if you don’t need to. (FYI drawers are costlier than doors so if it works, use fewer drawer fronts).
  • Kitchen appliances: There are more cost effective stainless steel appliances available now, competing with the higher end competitors – or you can always consider some sleek black and white appliances.
  • Bathroom fixtures: Choose white or almond. They’re typically less costly and look fresh and cleaner longer.
  • Faucets and fittings: The most reasonably priced faucets are shiny chrome. A high- end chrome faucet costs much less than a satin nickel version.
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